Not Fine

How am I feeling?I’m fine. The same.Though, now that you ask,I reassess. I gauge.That minor tinge ofsomething so smallcould be somethingor nothing at all.I try not to worry,yet something’s amiss.This dull pain creepsinto my consciousness.Attacking my senses.Confusing my lungs.I grasp for some air.Precious little comes.In a matter of momentsthis small seed of painlodged itself in... Continue Reading →

All I Want

I’m bored by the repetition of day-to-day life So I rarely feel like Each day is a gift Now I know I can’t explain how it feels to believe that To be normal Makes me feel like all I want is The unexpected Then my world turned upside down (Now read from the bottom up)... Continue Reading →

That Familiar Feeling

It’s a blissful spring day. I turn my face to the sky and gladly let the sun warm my cheeks. And just when I think this moment can’t get any better... That familiar feeling of wind in my hair.     © Sarah Porwoll 2018

Nowadays (Stage 1 Guilt)

I'm walking a little slower nowadays. And the sore in my mouth refuses to heal. But those are just little things. Little like The constant fogginess in my head, The metallic taste in my mouth, The strands of hair that keep falling on my shoulder. It's a little till it's a lot. Till it's maddening.... Continue Reading →

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