As you may have guessed, I’m Sarah Porwoll. Thanks for dropping by, I’m happy you’re here! So, a bit about me and why I’m here:

I grew up in Atlanta, GA, moved to New York City without a job or really even a plan in 2005, and — as a surprise to both me and my family — still live there today. 13 years later, I now live in Brooklyn with my husband, Matt, and our and beloved cat, Jasper.

By day, I’m an Account Director at an advertising agency. In my line of work they’d probably call me a “frustrated creative.” I have these ideas, stories and (pretty genius) puns in my head, but nowhere for the them to live. Hence, this site as my creative outlet 🙂

I’ve always loved telling stories and writing poems, but only recently felt the need and desire to develop them. Sometimes you don’t realize the significance of an interaction, a series of events or one big event until you’ve had a little time and distance from it. Writing helps me sort through the details with fresh eyes and new perspective.

I’m hoping this will keep me honest about actually finishing my stories so I can share them with whoever cares to spend a little time reading them (that’s you! thanks!)

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