Not Fine

How am I feeling?I’m fine. The same.Though, now that you ask,I reassess. I gauge.That minor tinge ofsomething so smallcould be somethingor nothing at all.I try not to worry,yet something’s amiss.This dull pain creepsinto my consciousness.Attacking my senses.Confusing my lungs.I grasp for some air.Precious little comes.In a matter of momentsthis small seed of painlodged itself in... Continue Reading →

In Search Of

A butterfly flutters on a breeze into my garden Delicate wings propel her toward the overflowing pink petunias below Entranced, she circles the beckoning petals, buoyed by their promise of nectar and rest Black opal wings like sails on a lake fill suddenly with the whimsy of wind Aloft again, yet undeterred the breeze traveler... Continue Reading →

All I Want

I’m bored by the repetition of day-to-day life So I rarely feel like Each day is a gift Now I know I can’t explain how it feels to believe that To be normal Makes me feel like all I want is The unexpected Then my world turned upside down (Now read from the bottom up)... Continue Reading →

Learning to Leap

I’m what people call a “late adopter.” I generally mull over even the most minor of life’s decisions, waiting until I see someone else do something successfully before taking the leap myself. For instance, I finally got my ears pierced at age 20, but only at my little sister’s request on her 10th birthday –... Continue Reading →

“Did you pack this bag yourself?”

I’ve always been an optimistic person. But there are times when optimism can have its downside. For instance, optimists tend to be late for things because they assume nothing will go wrong en route to their destination, which is often the exception rather than the rule. Such was the case the day I moved from... Continue Reading →

Tiger Ice Cream

I’m moving down an empty two-lane road in south Georgia, as if being pushed slowly and deliberately along a track. The air is calm and quiet, and I am alone. Tall, straight pine trees set in neat, purposeful rows surround me as I make my way down the road. The dark silhouettes of the trees... Continue Reading →

That Familiar Feeling

It’s a blissful spring day. I turn my face to the sky and gladly let the sun warm my cheeks. And just when I think this moment can’t get any better... That familiar feeling of wind in my hair.     © Sarah Porwoll 2018

Nowadays (Stage 1 Guilt)

I'm walking a little slower nowadays. And the sore in my mouth refuses to heal. But those are just little things. Little like The constant fogginess in my head, The metallic taste in my mouth, The strands of hair that keep falling on my shoulder. It's a little till it's a lot. Till it's maddening.... Continue Reading →

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